With registration over, groups in Florida aim to mobilize Latino voters, especially Puerto Ricans


MIAMI — With voter registration now closed in Florida, Latino groups are working to galvanize Puerto Rican and other Latino voters in a state with a number of key races that have the potential to flip parties and help determine who controls the House.

Tuesday was the last day to register to vote in Florida and over 57,000 Latinos were registered in Central Florida by Mi Familia Vota and the Hispanic Federation, two civic engagement organizations working under the coalition of Respeta Mi Gente which seeks to empower Puerto Rican voters.

Additionally, UnidosUS, a non-profit national organization, registered over 48,000 people in South Florida and Central Florida combined. Both areas have a heavy concentration of Latinos. It was the largest non-partisan effort to register voters in the state during this election cycle.

Central Florida has caught the attention of many in the political arena because of the large influx of Puerto Ricans that began with the financial crisis in 2006 and intensified after Hurricane Maria ravaged the island over one year ago.

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