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This is Federer and Kyrgios’ first meeting in a Grand Slam with their previous three matches decided in a third set tie-break.

Speaking ahead of the match, Kyrgios listed Federer’s three greatest strengths.

Kyrgios said: “I think his slice return, his chip return, is the best the game has ever seen.

“There has never been a better chip return ever.

“I think if you took that shot away, he wouldn’t be as good because he neutralizes big serves as well.

“He turns it into pretty much instant offense. His serve and first shot unbelievable, very unpredictable. And he’s unbelievably efficient.

“Never gets tired, doesn’t seem like it. His movements are so efficient. He’s just, yeah, those would be the three things.

“He’s efficient, serve and first ball, and chip return.”

Roger Federer vs Nick Kyrgios LIVE

First Set (*denotes server)

Federer 1-1 Kyrgios*

Kyrgios has an excellent service motion and it’s shown early as he holds to love in no time at all.

Federer* 1-0 Kyrgios

Federer serves first and races to 40-15. Kyrgios shows his hand skills with a one-handed backhand down the line to make it 40-30.

But Federer holds on to win the opening game.

19:15: Welcome to LIVE coverage of Roger Federer’s US Open third round clash against Nick Kyrgios.

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