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The Raptors have had a storming start to the year, and have won ten of their opening 11 games.

Since acquiring Leonard in the summer, the small forward has only played seven of those games, but has made a big impact on and off-court.

The Raptors are widely expected to challenge for the NBA Championship this year, as the Eastern Conference has been blown wide open with the departure of LeBron James and the subsequent collapse of the previously-unbeatable Cleveland Cavaliers.

Melas explained that he believes the Raptors are the best out of the group of the Boston Celtics, Denver Nuggets, and the Raptors.

“They are the typical modern NBA team,” he said.

“They’ve got long defenders in Pascal [Siakam], Cyanam [can’t find this guy on their roster – might be a misspelling of Siakam’s surname].

“They’re learning from Kawhi Leonard and Danny Green.

“A couple of championship perimeter defenders who have tamed guys like LeBron James in the finals.

“And they’ve got a lot of time because Serge [Ibaka] and [Jonas] Valanciunas.

“Of the four teams, they are the best defensive team.”

Melas also pointed out that part of the reason behind the success of the Raptors, aside from the great defence, has been adding Leonard to the roster.

Since joining, Leonard has scored an average of 26.5 points from seven games.

“Also, on the other side of the ball, after seeing Kawhi Leonard, they have the best player in all these teams,” Melas added.

“I think you’d pick him over Giannis [Antetokounmpo], over any Nugget.

“Offensively and defensively, they’re the best team [other than the Warriors].”

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