Eugenie Bouchard news: Instagram star shows off her abs to fans


In one image the stunning leaned seductively against a white railing.

She showed off her stomach, wearing a tiny crop top.

Khaki coloured jeans made up the bottom half of Eugenie’s look.

Around her waist the tennis pro slung a designer bumbag.

The bag, with a vintage 80s feel, had the brand name in green lettering with a green and red stripe. It costs a whopping £855.50.

On commenter made a cheeky remark about the tennis player’s bag.

They wrote: “Going off the fanny pack im guessing 1980?”

However, most simply left messages to comment on the tennis player’s looks.

One said: “I don’t know but for me it doesn’t matter…You’re beautiful everywhere…”

Another wrote: “In heaven cause you look like an Angel.”

Eugenie Bouchard’s Instagram account recently displayed a sexy bedroom selfie of the Canadian. 

The sultry image shows the star gazing into the camera, appearing to be lying down in bed.

While she is wearing a warm jacket, she has it unzipped, exposing her chest and a black vest top.

Showing off her natural beauty, the 24-year-old went makeup free.

Her blonde hair was worn in a loose bun, with wispy hair strands framing her face.

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