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A handful of fans have discovered what happens when you crank up the brightness and zoom in on the new artwork, which shows Brie Larson in her superhero get-up.

But did you spot a surprise cameo?

If you look very carefully, her iconic cat is also in there – just strolling out of shot.

Captain Marvel’s comic readers will know that Carol has a pet called Chewie – who is a very special cat indeed.

Chewie is an alien of the Flerken species, and has his own set of superpowers.

He can understand human conversations, and has a nest of tentacles in his mouth, each with fanged mouths of their own.

So it’s a good thing that he’s on Carol’s side, rather than against her.

As if that wasn’t enough – he can travel through space and time too.

It’s not known for definite what, if any, powers Chewie will have in the movie – or even if it’s him who’s the cat in the poster. But the odds look pretty encouraging.

The full trailer was released on Good Morning America today, and Brie Larson spoke about her excitement to be part of the Marvel Cinematic Universe.

“You know, I haven’t quite got used to it yet,” she said. “I still feel like myself.

“I don’t feel like a superhero – this is all so surreal and new to me.”

She added: “What brought me to this film was Carol, was this character.

“She’s so inspiring and incredible, and so to have the opportunity to play a role like this is amazing and I hope that just a little bit of her amazingness and her strength can rub off on me.”

Asked if she’s seen the finished product yet, the Oscar-winner laughed: “No, I haven’t – and even if I did, I would still say no!”

Captain Marvel is out on March 8, 2019.

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