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Thanos is coming.

This time he is about to terrorise and devastate fans in their own homes.

We may not know who will survive and who is gone forever, but we do know that the Infinity War home entertainment release dates have been confirmed.

As always, digital downloads and streams will be available two weeks before the physical copies.

Avengers Infinity War will be available on digital platfroms from July 31. Avengers Infinity War will be available on Blu-ray from August 14. Fan seeking even higher definition can also buy the new version in 4K Ultra HD on August 14.

The new trailer is packed with action shots, mainly from the final battle in Wakanda. But no new scenes have been revealed yet in the promo materials.

Are there bonus features, including the rumoured extra 30 minutes of Thanos scenes?

The pre-order announcements for the movie are all tagged with three magical words to fans: “Plus Bonus Content.”

The man who created Thanos, Jim Starlin, told a panel at the Las Vegas Comic Con there is an extra 30 minutes of footage, centred on Thanos’ backstory. This caused a fan frenzy, but it seems Starlin incorrectly referred to early storyboards and scripts which were subsequently pared back. There is no evidence that the extra footage was ever filmed.

In fact, has not yet realised a director’s edition or extended cut of any MCU movie so far.

There is even worse news for UK fans, since only US dates have been announced for home entertainment. Will there be a four-week delay like the Ant-Man and the Wasp cinema dates?

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